And the Winner is...

 I love painting!  For years I have sought out excuses to paint and repaint rooms.  It truly is therapeutic for me.  I always have inquiries for a great blue/grey/green color.  After years of painting this color, because it happens to be one of my favorites,  I have a few winners!  My #1 go to is...
Silvermist  SW7621  
It is the perfect neutral I have used it with bright colors, monochromatic rooms, as well as in an entire house.  It really is a beautiful color.  I love how it does not pull too much blue or green. 

Another great color worthy of mentioning is very similar to Silvermist, however it does pull a little more green.  Which in some lighting situations I prefer.  It is pictured above and it is
Oyster Bay SW6206


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