Aahh, Summer

School is out and summer has arrived!  I wish I could say I was basking in the sun at this beautiful beach, but I'm not.  Instead, I am starting the task of organizing my children's rooms and finding where to put the mounds of things they brought home from school.  There are a lot of cute design elements you can use to organize a child's room.  A few of my favorites are...
These great hexagon shelves.  I love using these to store toys, lego creations, and knick knacks.  They can be purchased multiple places online and can even be custom painted on Etsy.  
I love taking each piece of art and making a larger framed picture of each child's art work.  There are multiple companies online that offer this.  A great way to save memories without having to build on an extra room!

You can always make a photo book of art work as well.  Which is another great way to keep the pictures and art your children have made.

I love adding color and pattern with storage bins.  Large ones on the floor for blankets, etc. and smaller ones on book shelves add color and make a plain bookshelf more interesting!  

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